"Life doesn't come with an instruction manual, most people needs to talk 
everyone needs a good advice."

Dr. Billie Eizenberg is a  psychologist and family therapist 
specializing in:

• Individual and Marriage Counseling.
Parenthood and Family Issues.
• Organizational Consulting.
Career Enrichment.

She holds a PhD in Psychology & Family
Therapy, as well
 as a PhD in Behavioral Sciences
and Psychology.

Dr. Eizenberg has more than 35 years of experience helping families to cope with challenges, teaching parents unique child rearing techniques, and supporting couples to strengthen relationships. She is a qualified Group Leader, Parent Support Group, and Coordinator of programs for the prevention of substance abuse and smoking.

Prior to her private practice, Dr. Eizenberg has worked with private, municipal and governmental departments nationally, and internationally. She has worked with the Israeli Defense Forces and was responsible for creating the academic curriculum development for soldiers and officers. Her municipal projects included developing a Family Community Center for parents, children, and adolescents while working in conjunction with the Ministry of Education of Israel.

Dr. Eizenberg strongly believes that in today's demanding reality, and digital age, it is essential for couples, parents and children to learn communication techniques that will save and enrich their relationships. She has been leading support groups for parents, teachers, and divorced men and women to help solve issues, encourage communication and create stronger foundations for each group.

In her practice, Dr. Eizenberg teaches specialized techniques.  So confident is she of her abilities and demonstrated success rate, that she tells her clients to expect immediate progress after only one session. She uses proven personalized methods and isn’t afraid to suggest out of the box solutions to offer a rapid recovery.

In addition to seeing clients in her practice, Dr. Eizenberg consults with international clients worldwide via
Skype video calls.

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